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Cures for Lung Cancer - The Important Things That You Should Know

"I'm sorry to inform you that you have lung cancer and you only have 12 months to live."

If the doctor said this you, what should be the first thing you do? That's right. You would be running around, researching the internet, asking for prayers, looking everywhere to find a cure for lung cancer. Why? Because we have been told that there is no cure for this one and that it is basically a death sentence.

This article will not try to convince you that there are cures for lung cancer. We KNOW that there are; it's just a matter of you opening up your mind to a brand new perspective; a whole new worldview that maybe something is amiss here.

With all the technology we have in this day and with all the resources at our disposal to research cures for lung cancer, with billions of dollars spent on experiments and lab tests; can we at least be optimistic and think that maybe they did find a cure?

Now you ask me, if they did find the perfect cure, why would they keep it from the public?

The answer is really surprising: THE LOVE OF MONEY! The root of all evil!

Billions of dollars are spent by cancer patients each year on treatments and medication. If the medical industry announced that a miracle has happened and that they found cure for lung cancer, what would happen then? They would lose those billions of dollars.

Drug companies and private medical institutions know this so they conspire to keep this fact away from the public. Instead of giving the cure, which would then stop the patient from coming back to spend more, they would treat the disease as slowly as possible so they keep coming back.

To be honest with ourselves, if we found out that there really are cures for lung cancer, would you still believe the way of the "accepted" and traditional methods like chemotherapy or surgery or high-energy radiation? I think most assuredly not. But this doesn't take away the fact that there are cures for lung cancer. And they are found in alternative medicine.

There are lots of alternative medicine that can be found not only through internet research but even contemporary physicians have begun to accept the healing powers of methods like Controlled Amino Acid Therapy (CAAT), Photodynamic Therapy or PDT, and many others.

If you do research and then dig deeper, you will find dozens of testimonies from people who have found a cure using the alternative methods. Just be under the impression that cancer is a symptom and not the disease itself. If you change the lifestyle, you can find cures for lung cancer; although the medical institutions would strongly disagree with you.

For effective cures for lung cancer and for more prevention and treatment read the next page carefully. If one of your loveones or friends that you care about is dealing with any type of cancer and are desperate for complete healing, go take a look at this site One minute cure.

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